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Del is an ex military man whose training has taught him discipline.

Each day Del methodically monitors a variety of systems of his own creation and forwards selections to members.

Del was brought to our attention after he had publically posted on a well known internet message board, many months worth of profitable selections of a high strike rate system he entitled the 5-4 system.

Del now provides the 5-4 system selections for Drawn2Win members.

We have to point out however that the rules of this system were released into the public domain by Del and are reproduced in many places across the net.

The system has a significant long term profit record, however with betting prices being subject to the laws of supply and demand, current profitability of this system has diminished at Starting Price. This we feel is down to mass public exposure of the bets across the net.

We still continue however to provide these for members as we know some long term members still bet them using their own staking plans.

The good news however for Drawn2Win members is that Del continues to investigate and test new systems on behalf of our small group of Drawn2Win members.

Each day members receive an email from Del with selections from those systems he is currently monitoring.

For example there is

1. Del's Top 4 Flat System

This System selects 4 horses per day based on a cunning strategy devised by Del.

It goes a step beyond the traditional form based approach to system selection methods.

During the 2003 flat season this system produced a net profit of 66 points at Starting price. ( 1 point win per selection)

Del will of course be monitoring this again this year and providing bets to Drawn2Win members.

5. National Hunt Bumper System

This system was one monitored over the 2003 / 2004 National Hunt season.

A profit in the region of 55 points was recorded.

The period for this system has now ended, we will however of course be tuning in again come the start of the National Hunt season.

3. New Systems

Del has several new systems for this years Flat Season. Early results look encouraging and we will update this area with further details after a more sustained period of monitoring.



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