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1. Draw Bias Race Analysis

Each day I identify the races where long term statistics suggest profits can be made from the use of draw bias.

The message will try to pin point horses that have the best chance of winning in terms of statistics, and horses that should start at prices that are higher than they should be. Races discussed will always be narrowed down - sometimes to just one candidate, other times it may be to six or seven. It is my aim to cut down your own time consuming analysis.

If I can narrow down a competitive 20 runner sprint to six candidates then I have saved you time by eliminating 14 of the horses. Clearly, the horses I pinpoint will not always succeed, but I will do my very best to give you the most accurate analysis possible of certain races.

Remember, I do not really want to be considered a tipster - I am a researcher. However, if I think one particular horse has an outstanding chance of winning - I will say so!

This part of the service will be particularly suited to those who like to make their own final decisions about which horse to bet on. You will be doing so however from a statistically based short list of selections.

2. Best Chance Bets

IEach day and try and highlight for members my three "Best Chances" of the day. Perhaps badly named but the best chance's are not what I consider the most likley or obvious winner of the race, they are bets that I calculate as having long term betting value.

Results have been very positive. Email and ask for latest profit figures.

3. Pace Ratings

Drawn2Win will be using the innovative pace / running style analysis to give us that vital edge of the bookmakers and other punters. Each course in Britain is unique and some course and distances offer front runners a massive advantage, while others favour horses that are held up for a late run.

Some stats to mull over (taken from 3yo / all age handicaps from 1997 to 2003) :

1. Hamilton over 5 furlongs has seen 14 of the 41 races (34.1%) won by horses that led early / made all.

2. Chester over 5 furlongs saw 25 of the 36 races (69.4%) won by horses that led or raced prominently.

3. Bath over 5 furlongs on the other hand saw only 2 of the 26 races (7.7%) going to front runners, while 13 were won by horses that were held up, initially raced in midfield or initially raced at the back.

At Drawn2Win we have developed individual horse "pace" figures which takes into account their particular running style. This gives us a real "edge" in determining the most likely way a race will be run and which horses are likely to race up with the pace, and which are likely to race off the pace.

This allied to the course bias stats we have produced will highlight some worthwhile betting opportunities that ordinary form study will miss.

Each day members receive my Pace ratings for the sprint races


4. Research News

The final part of the member's package will be the chance to share in new research by myself and other racing researchers.

Several articles that have been written will be available to members during the subscription period. Some exiting additional areas are currently being researched and articles will become available to members when they are completed.

Keeping one step ahead of the bookmakers is a key factor to betting success. As a member you will be first to hear about any profitable opportunities either my fellow researchers or myself uncover.

Receive emails, log into to our site member's area or pick up advice on the phone. All options available.

The Drawn2Win members service has been running since 2001 and I am very proud to say that I still have original members with me since that time. I assure you that is a claim very few services could make.




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